[News] 090803 TVXQ’s 3 members ‘No Conflict Amongst Members’

Posted on: March 22, 2011

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Reporter: Chang Soyun

“There are no conflicts between the members. The application for temporary injunction of their contracts is not a premise for the disbandment of TVXQ.”

In a press release today, 3 members of the 5-member idol group TVXQ which is managed by SM Entertainment, Jejung (Stage name: Hero, Real name: Kim Jaejoong), Yuchun (Stage name: Micky, Real name: Park Yoochun) and Junsu (Stage name: Xiah, Real name: Kim Junsu), also touched on the topic of “disbandment”.

On the morning of the same day, the legal representative of the 3 members, Lim Sang-hyuk from law firm Sejong expressed, “Although many fans are worried about TVXQ disbanding, this application for temporary injunction of their contracts is not a premise for the disbandment of TVXQ.The members just have a difference in opinion on how to resolve the problem which is why only 3 of the members have joined in, but there is no problem amongst the members.”

He also said, “All the members feel the same way about wanting to protect the promises they have made to their fans. The case this time is to remedy the injustice of the contract, to be given the right to prepare their music freely under the right conditions, and stand together again before all their fans.”

Source: [edaily (jp version)]
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This was mistranslated and corrected here https://jyjtimeline.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/news-090802-dbsk%E2%80%99s-lawyer%E2%80%99s-statement-to-fans/


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