[News] Law suit is only a law suit. Five members continue to move together.

Posted on: March 22, 2011

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After participating in A-Nation on the 1st, it was revealed that the 5 members of DBSK remained at their house together during their stay in Korea. A staff of DBSK revealed on the 5th that the members stayed at their Chungdam Dong house together.

The three members who filed for a provisional disposition on their contract met with their lawyer and revealed their positions on the 3rd. In this situation, it may seem likely that their relationship with the two members may become unconformable but they remained at their house, showing the team’s unity.

For a while, their previously scheduled events will remain the same. The DBSK members will take part in the ’2009 Fireworks Festival’ and left together to Japan on the 5th. The staff revealed, “as far as I know, the members left on the 5th on the first flight to Japan. They will also take part in ‘SM Town live 09′ as planned.”


Meanwhile, the members who are filing for the lawsuit, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun is planning to participate in M-Flo’s album, as well as releasing a single, attracting attention of fans. According to DBSK’s official Japan website, the two members will take part in M-Flo’s album, celebrating their 10th anniversary, by singing “Been so long” on the album.

Also, the duet song ‘Colors Melody and Harmony’ which was performed last month on the 4th and the 5th for the Tokyo Dome performance, will be released as a single on September 30th. In addition, they are planning to perform a duet song at “Boy pop factory 09″ on the 20th.

The opposition of DBSK disbandment is getting stronger. On July 31st, ‘DBSK Disbandment Opposition’ petition began on Daum Agora and have gotten 23066 signatures so far.

It is widely know that DBSK’s official fan club Cassiopeia has over 800,000 members. These fans are considering plans to hold a candelight protest in front of SM in opposition to DBSK disbandment. In response to this, SM stated that there has not been any particular actions by the fans yet.

Original Article can be found here
Article Credits: Kim Sang Ho
Translation Credits: j.adore @ soompi
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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