[News] Yoochun Jaejoong and Junsu for a lawsuit against SM part 8

Posted on: March 22, 2011

I’ll write the official position of TVXQ members in points, I hope they have already explained the whole main problems.

Seems that “official position” means the official statements from Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun of the injunction application they submitted against SM.

So it doesn’t lead to any final result of the case, yet.

Just an additional information, no surprise, SM stock price is highly declined due to this case. Today’s official position is the opportunity of SM to gain their stock price back in track, yet I don’t see it will happen soon, to see how’s the official position of the members written.



Three TVXQ members’ Official Position “We don’t not get proper treatment,”

Xiah, Hero, Micky Yoochun represented by SEJONG law firm revealed their official position.

From the three members, “In five years since debut, the schedule that is conducted by the agency has been causing exhaustion both to body and mind. Cosmetic business is not related to the lawsuit.”

1. After 5 years debuting, among the three members due to the schedule conducted by the agency, it causes exhaustion to the body.

– According to SM instructions, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu along with the rest TVXQ members have to go across Korea, Japan, China back and forth in a week, each member only have 3-4 hours sleep a day.

– The members’ health is deteriorated a lot, and also enduring mental fatigue.

– Due to SM attempt to advance overseas market, as time goes by, the established active schedule for the members is getting unreasonable.

– SM doesn’t treat them as artists anymore, but not more than just a tool to achieve more and more income for the company.

2. 13-year exclusive contract is like a contract for a lifetime.

– The exclusive contract whose period lasts for 13 years purely active in entertainment world in which if it’s including the military service, the contract basically lasts for 15 years period (T/N: since 13 years is excluding military service) — it means, still 10 years to go to finally retire the contract.

– Meanwhile, if they turn down the contract in the middle of period, the penalty they have to pay can reach hundreds of million won since they have to recover 3 times of initial investment and 2 times of revenue loss the company suffered from disabling the contract.

3. The members don’t receive proper treatment from SM.

– They have no deposit, since the terms of the exclusive contract forbids the distribution of revenue records.

– In the first contract (unrevised), only if they can sell a single album more than 500,000 copies, the members can receive 10,000 million won for the next album. However, if the sales is less that 500,000 copies, they won’t have even a single penny of revenue allocation.

– The contract then was revised on 2009.02.06. Yet, even after the revision, the contract states that the distribution profits received by the members from album sales for each person is only 0.4 % – 1%.

4. Members have already demanded to correct the unfair clauses in the contract, but SM did not listen to them.

– The three people had requested to SM and shared their own vision to adjust the unfair clauses caused by the exclusive contract effect, but SM passed the discussion and pointed out the cosmetic business instead which is not even the essence of their request.

– Nevertheless, the three kept continuing to solve the problem through dialogues so that it would satisfy both parties, but SM still didn’t response. Since they felt no hope and realized that their efforts to talk to SM had been meaningless, therefore they finally filed the appeal to the court for a final solution.

5. Cosmetics business investments and also other financial investment are unrelated to the entertainment business they’re focusing in, thus have nothing to do with their injunction application. The nature of the case is to solve the unfair exclusive contract.

(no need further explanation. SM just insists to point out cosmetic companies investment as the core problem, but they stressed here again, that it’s not the case. The three members are only one of shareholders and not even the high officials of the cosmetic companies. Their lawsuit is purely only to resolve the unfair exclusive contract.)

6. The members don’t want the disbanding, they just want to escape from the bondage of the unfair contract.

– The injunction application is not for a purpose that leads to disbanding. The problem now is to solve different opinions regarding the contract. The three members have no problem to the rest of members and still want to create good music together.

– Once all the unfairness is getting straightened, they will start their activities together soon. Through this condition, they ask the fans to be united and believe in them.

7. This situation is an opportunity for them to get mature.

– The three members of TVXQ who are included in the injunction application feel sorry for the fans for making them shocked and disappointed.

– However, to think it in bright side, it’s an opportunity for them to jump to bigger dream and getting more mature. The members have promised the fans to repay all the supports received.

source: asian economic
summarized trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Will summarize soon.


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