[TRANS] 090802 Reasons Why The ‘TVXQ Situation’ Must End Well

Posted on: March 22, 2011

The Korean music industry is in a muddle due to the current ‘TVXQ Situation.’ There are rumors of disbandmnet and rumors that TVXQ will come out of this a newly improved group; the vast number of predictions and rumors are getting muddled up in the minds of K-pop fans. However if there’s one thing for sure, it is that TVXQ cannot fall now.

We can see the reasons for this at a domestic-foreign level.

# Domestic reasons – Don’t steal the dreams and hopes of the young fans who are all living in a difficult generation

Let’s look inside of our country first.
Amongst the idol groups in Korea, there is no group that can follow TVXQ when it comes to garnering fans. Many fans are hoping for their success and improvement. TVXQ’s failure is their failure, TVXQ’s disbandment will only lead to the fans’ dreams being shattered. Considering the fact that the vast majority of TVXQ fans are teenagers, TVXQ cannot fall now. TVXQ must get back on their feet and move on if they wish to preserve the hopes and dreams that their fans keep deep in their hearts.

TVXQ must know what to do for their fans who have gone through as much as the group has.

# Foreign reasons – Are they just going to let the best Hallyu group fall?

What about outside of Korea?
TVXQ is now undisputably a global brand. They are no longer an ‘internal brand.’ To grow as a global brand, they must show leadership in domestic and foreign markets. In the foreign markets, TVXQ has already been labeled as a Hallyu force to be reckoned with.

To reach such a level of success, TVXQ has worked extremely hard till now. They stayed in Japan for more than one year and started from the bottom all the way up.
They made themselves be known to Japanese fans by riding on the subway, and slept four hours everyday so they could star in all of Japan’s TV programs, and worked extremely hard to be accepted by the Japanese public. They knew of the ‘bread of tears,’ and knew that they had to work extremely hard to be known in a foreign country. Now they are the best Hallyu group in Japan. 8 in every 10 Japanese people know who they are.
Now they can ‘harvest the fruits’ of their hard work. But if they fall and separate now, what becomes of the hard work and tears they suffered through?

Right now, there is a dire need for more Hallyu stars in the Korean entertainment business. They need to protect the fast-falling Hallyu Wave, and open up new doors to foreign markets. But to do so, the need a ‘ticket power’ who is accepted by foreigners as well as the Korean people.

# TVXQ no longer belongs to one person. TVXQ belongs to everyone.

TVXQ does not belong to one person, nor does TVXQ belong to one agency. The group is now Korea’s TVXQ, and Asia’s TVXQ. One person cannot sacrifice the majority for their own personal reasons. TVXQ’s agency SM must now do their share by giving things that should have been given, but weren’t and having heartfelt discussions with TVXQ to protect our TVXQ.

We are all waiting anxiously for ‘Global Brand’ TVXQ’s ‘New Chapter’.

Source: [Asiae + DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net


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