[TRANS] 090902 U-Know Yunho Says “Do Not Believe The Malicious Rumors About TVXQ”

Posted on: March 31, 2011

TVXQ leader, U-Know Yunho, has made his stand regarding the lawsuit between their agency and some of the members. At 2 P.M. today (090902), Yunho participated in the press conference for the new Wednesday-Thursday MBC drama <No Limits> held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul, Hannam-dong and expressed: “I hope that this incident regarding TVXQ will have a happy ending.” Ever since TVXQ’s 3 members, Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu, filed a lawsuit against their agency, SM Entertainment due to problems with the Exclusive Contract, this is the first time TVXQ members have appeared publicly in Korea. U-Know Yunho clearly expressed: “Because we are still unsure of how TVXQ will progress in the future so I am unable to say anything. I only hope that the incident this time could have a happy ending.”

U-Know Yunho emphasized again, “There seem to be poeple that seem to have unsure thoughts about this. There are also a lot of scary rumors in the internet. I think, until the solution to this matter is clear, I hope everyone do not be misguided by the rumors. Everyone, please, do not believe those evil rumors and let’s look forward to a happy ending together!” U-Know Yunho even showed off to everyone the friendship between the members.

Yunho said: “Because I have been filming for the drama recently, so I have to work late most of the times and everytime it reaches this time, I will receive a lot of text messages that the members have sent to my cellphone. For e.g. ‘don’t add trouble’, ‘how was your day?’ etc. Then, I will reply ‘Because it’s my first time filming a drama, that’s why I’m not familiar, you have to support me!’ and they will reply ‘okay, we will definitely support you!’ Words like that.” On the other hand, U-Know Yunho, in his first drama <No Limits>, acts as Cha Bong-gun who is full of determination and achieves his drams through a ‘I can do anything’ attitude. At the same time, he and Kang Hwee-San (Go Ara), through many quarrels and misunderstandings, grow their love slowly. This drama, <No Limits>, starring Jung Yun-ho, Go Ara, Lee Yoon-Ji will air after <Hon> ends and will go on screen in September.

Source: [innolife] + [withtvxq]
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1 Response to "[TRANS] 090902 U-Know Yunho Says “Do Not Believe The Malicious Rumors About TVXQ”"

so sad. during this time, he was still talking to jj and yoosu… T^T

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