Hello, I want to be up front and not pretend to be a third disinterested party with inside info. I will simply give you a taste of JYJ vs SME timeline from July 31st to now. This blog is dedicated to the Lawsuit. No internal problems with the fandom Cassiopeia, but I don’t like spreading rumors about people I do not know. I am simply refreshing the minds of those who have seem to forgotten about SME vs JYJ from day one. Using what has been presented publicly. I’m an interested third party interested in giving a concrete timeline of events. I don’t want bashing for my posts and certainly no bashing of any members of JYJ and TVXQ. SME…. you can bash away. I will also give you info from H.O.T. and white angels problems with SME as well as Shinhwa. I hope my timeline of events helps you fully understand the lawsuit better. I will also post SME’s history to give light to those who support SME, that what JYJ and Hangeng isn’t the first. If you find my blog anti SME, well i’m sorry posting facts and crimes SME has done in the industry must be met with all so you can see past your blinded love for SME. Also, because I could not tolerate what SME had done to JTL but now are they are doing all over again to JYJ. This will not slide once more. I’ll make my stance very clear, I AM NOT ANTI HOMIN and I won’t post sentiments reflecting that but i’m VERY ANTI SME. So if you don’t like that, then don’t bother reading :)


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MY dear admin, post them away. For some one who is very new about being JYJ fans, i am very very interested to read any article that can make me understand the history of the boys. The bashing? LOL, i’ll do it at another blog 🙂

I am not anti anyone too, but then its not as a surprise coz i only listen to JYJ and not any other singer/idol/group. Normally i am not so into music….but this is one exception!!

Thank you >.< I'll try my best 😀 though I am a very busy person I will update when I have more articles I can post.

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